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Featured Artist - April 2024

Meet...   Tom Peck


Resting Figure  by Tom Peck

"Clay sculpture is one of the oldest art forms on earth. I try to create something new and fresh in this medium. I also recently have been working in bronze.

"I admire the simplicity, honesty and strength of primitive work. For me, simple can be both strong and beautiful as well as capable of eliciting an emotional response. Shape is everything. It’s more about gesture than detail. This minimal approach can feel both primitive and contemporary… But, for me, in the end, it needs to feel fresh (some risk in execution) and have some attitude in its presence, for it to be successful."  — Tom Peck

Tom graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

He worked many years as an advertising agency Creative Director in Toronto, New York, and San Francisco. He maintains studios, and currently resides with his wife and son, in Paso Robles.


Tom Peck shows his work at the 10 West Gallery, Santa Barbara:

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