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Central Coast Sculptors has 37 members currently and another 60+ followers on our mailing list. They work in 3D mediums including welded steel, glass, wood, stone, clay, ceramics, bronze, fiberglass, and found objects. 


Given this multiplicity of materials and working methods, there are few shared interests among our members except for our love of creating 3D art. For that reason, regular meetings have not been a significant part of our activities. However, our sculptors become fully involved in exhibitions. We mount at least two members exhibitions a year and continuously search for additional venues.


We are managed by an informal Steering Committee of volunteers that becomes active when there are decisions to be made that affect the group. When an exhibition is in the works, we request additional help.


Central Coast Sculptors holds an annual social gathering in the summertime. Opening receptions are always festive occasions.


Our membership is comprised of many of the finest working sculptors on the Central Coast.

For additional information, contact

Carl Berney, Facilitator


Repose by Carl Berney - limestone, 44"h x 11"base


Join Central Coast Sculptors and participate in next year’s members-only CCAC exhibition, Collective Presents, in May/June 2024.
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Carl Berney’s sculpture, Repose, was installed in the Sculpture Garden of the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. Repose was sculpted from limestone and represents peace and calmness. A gathering to dedicate the work will be held at a later date.

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