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About Us



Artist volunteers formed CCAC in 2019 as an umbrella organization to provide services and assistance to groups formerly associated with SLOMA. Four different artists groups are currently part of the Collective, to participate in and share resources. Artists keep in contact with one another, and the groups produce and offer workshops, competitions, and exhibition opportunities. All administrative and support roles are staffed by volunteers.

Ralph George - President
Beryl Reichenberg - Secretary
Carl Berney - Treasurer
Bill Rumbler - Exhibit Venues

Keasha Ann Willingham - Membership/YouTube Channel
Joan Brown - Community Relations

Dianne Ravin - The Painters Group

Jeanie Smith - CCAC Webmaster/Social Media
Charlotte Berney - Newsletter

Cheryl Strahl - CCPS Membership 

Get Involved

CCAC members are welcome to attend board meetings, held the last Tuesday of the month on Zoom. If interested in attending, please contact us at: 

The Collective needs members’ help with the following:  recruiting new artists for each group. Please let us know if you can help or recommend someone for membership, or if you'd like to get more involved!

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