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Photo Society - Resources

How to Prepare Digital Images 
Competition Rules and Entry Guidelines
Competition entry form

Daylight Long Exposures using Neutral Density Filters $59

Photographer's Rights

How to Store a Camera Lens

Composition Webinar
In this B&H Video, David Brommer starts with cave paintings, quickly works his way through Egyptian and Medieval art and arrives in the Renaissance to demonstrate the advancement of composition and the birth of the Rule of Thirds. From there, he offers a wonderfully comprehensive yet down to earth lesson in photo history, theory and equipment, but most important, he demonstrates the basics of photographic composition and what makes a “good” photo.

Smartphone Apps for Photographers
Snapseed (Android), Free
Snapseed (iPhone), Free
Handy Photo (Android), $1.99
Handy Photo (iPhone), 1.99
Print Studio (iPhone), Free

Unraveling the PPI versus DPI Mystery: As presented by Renée Besta
Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe CC: A Photographer's Cheat Sheet
Digital Photography Resource Guide: Review Lab

Check out these apps for tips on photographing the moon and stars:
PlanIt (iPhone)
PlanIt (Android)
The Photographer’s Ephemeris (Windows, Apple)
   Free on computers, $4.99-$8.99 for mobile devices (Android & Apple)
PhotoPills (iPhone or iPod Touch only)
Focalware (iPhone)
LightTrac (iPhone)
Sunrise & Sunset Photo Calculator
    Calculate time, location of rise and set and colors for photographers. 

Learning Experiences 
Ansel Adams Photography Workshops
CreativeLive: Enroll in a wide variety of FREE courses!
Gerlach Nature Photography
Kelby Training
Light Photographic Workshops
LinkeIn Learning
Marked Up Photographs Show How Iconic Prints Were Edited in the Darkroom
The Nocturnes
Open Colleges - Accredited vocational training provider offering photography design course aimed at bringing more conscious thought and direction to what one is already exploring in the world of photography.
Road Scholar - new program name for Elderhostel. They have hundreds of programs all over the US and the world, including many on photography. Even those that don't include photography instruction offer some incredible photo opportunities.
Rocky Mountain School of Photography
Santa Fe Workshops
Stephen Johnson Digital Photography Workshops
Architecture Photography

Recommended Resources
20 Essential Photography Tips for Beginners - learn the basics or find simple ways to update your existing  photography skills with tips to help you build a strong foundation.
American Frame - Mention you are a member of the San Luis Obispo Camera Club and 5% of your order will be gifted back to the Club.
Art Pak- Packing material for transporting framed art
IT Supplies - Inkjet cartridges, photo paper and printers at discount prices
Aspen Creek Photo - Custom print studio
B & H Photo Video - Cameras, lenses and much more
Bags Unlimited - Good Vender for Photographic Supplies
Best Photography Resources for Kids and Teens! - Crystal clear packaging and other presentation supplies
CouponFollow - Savings and discounts guide for beginning photographers
DP Review - Digital photography news and equipment reviews
The Evolution and Applications of the Camera
GoPro info
Helicon Focus - Software to cope with the shallow depth-of-field problem
History of Photography
Image Relay - Basics of managing and storing digital files electronically
Inktonerstore - Provides premium quality ink and toner cartridges at discounted prices
Kathleen T. Carr - Books and workshops on Polaroid manipulations and transfers
Landscape Photography - Darren Rouse's Tips from PRO Photographers
Lensbabies - Selective focus SLR camera lenses
Life Pixel - Digital infrared conversion services & tutorials
Light Impressions - Archival storage, display and presentation supplies
Luminous Landscape - Articles, tutorials, product reviews devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography
Photo Attorney - Legal advice for photographers
Photomatix - Software to increase the high dynamic range of your images
Quad-Tone RIP - Inkjet Black & White printing resources and supplies
Really Right Stuff - Tripods, ballheads, quick-release clamps and plates
RediMat - Photo matting supplies
SD Card Recovery - 3 Ways to Recover Deleted Pictures, Fix a Damaged Card and More
Singh-Ray - Photographic Filters
Visible Dust - Digital sensor cleaning supplies

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