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Artists of the Month

September 2023

PHOTOGRAPHY - Nola Rae Barnick


Nola is a native Californian who grew up on Ranger Stations in national forests. There, and in travels to Yellowstone, Yosemite, Big Sur and the Central Coast, she learned; “A beautiful scene can disappear in an instant. The ‘beauty’ of photography is that it can recreate that moment. I endeavor to share that beauty with everyone, especially those who can’t go see it first hand.”


This became her pursuit; to share the richly restorative beauty of nature in the hope that others may also feel renewed, encouraged and thereby, be better able to face the many challenges of life. 

Nola learned Black and White and Color film photography, darkroom processes, and digital photography through Community College classes and workshops with experts like Doug Steakley, Charles Cramer and Hal Schmitt.

Her work is self-printed, using archival inks and papers, and has been exhibited in juried shows, competitions, galleries. She offers graphic design work for businesses, non-profit organizations and other artists.

Image: Lit, photograph

CRAFTMAKERS - Gini Griffin


Gini Griffin is a ceramicist, a painter, a muralist, and a fiber artist. A fine arts degree from Pitzer College, of the Claremont Colleges, and a lifetime teaching credential from Cal Poly, prepared her for a wide ranging career.

She has served as: Resource Art Specialist; Consultant, creating art courses for the gifted; Founding director of Young Artists, sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Art Center (now SLOMA); Grant recipient from the California Arts Council; Curator of KidzArt, a children's art gallery; Instructor for Childrens Creative Project; and President of the San Luis Obispo Art Center (now SLOMA).

Gini taught the first local high school level art history course (Mission Prep) and the first area women’s art history course (Cuesta College). She is an award recipient from the City of San Luis Obispo, the SLO Downtown Association, and the California Arts Council.

Her mural commissions extend from a major restoration at the Julia Morgan-designed Monday Club to the High Street Deli vintage Eskimo Pie artwork.

Gini's original artwork has been privately collected locally and can be viewed publicly at the County government center. Her work is in the permanent SLOMA collection and at the National Museum of Women in The Arts. Ceramics for Gini has been a life-long interest.

Image: Planets, ceramic platter 11"

SCULPTURE - Dave Doust


Dave Doust, a talented artist with over 30 years of experience following his firefighting career, is originally from Toronto, Canada. Based in Los Osos, he has created exquisite fountains and sculptures using concrete, wood, steel, fiberglass, colored glass, Bondo, and other mediums, including high-grade copper sourced from decommissioned Japanese Minuteman missiles. 


Dave says, “All my life I have been in love with light, color, texture, and the dance created between them. My education began in junior high school with art history and drawing. At George Brown College in Toronto I studied Ceramics under Keith Campbell, then Design, Photography, and Studio classes at Sheridan College. I continued with Art Education at the University of Toronto’s Erindale College and then studied Bronze Sculpture at Cuesta College. Public art is one of my favorites because it affords people of all economic levels the ability to enjoy things of beauty created by artists.” 

Dave founded Ash2Stone, a company specializing in custom-curated memorial stones crafted from cremated remains. More information can be found on

Image: Heliconia Fountain, red/green mirrored glass, 6’x14”×5”

PAINTERS - Rosemary Bauer


Rosemary is a native Californian who in her words “had the good fortune” of coming from a military family. As a result, she moved around a lot during childhood. Somehow, most of the movement was within California, providing early inspiration for the style of art she enjoys making today.


Art has been a lifelong passion for her. Rosemary enjoys painting with acrylics or oils due to the texture that can be achieved with those mediums. While she sometimes plays with realism and abstractions, her favorite subjects are found outdoors in our scenic Central Coast area.


Rosemary has studied with local and internationally known artists she admires, including Marcia Burtt, Lorenzo Chavez, Debra Joy Groesser, Albert Handell, Peggy Kroll-Roberts, Kim Lordier and Ray Roberts.

IMAGE: Ocean Play, acrylic 11x14"

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