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Thank you for submitting your contact info and group choices on the signup form! Now you can decide which payment option you prefer
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New or Renewing members:
To pay via PayPal 

Touch Complete your Purchase

At the pull down, select the payment amount corresponding to the quantity of Artist Groups you chose in the previous section.

New or Renewing members:
To mail a check:

                   Click on the Send a Check button.

You don't have to pay a fee now.

You are registered for the CC Artists Collective mailing list and will receive our monthly Newsletter.

Keep in mind that deferring your payment means that there are member benefits that will not be available to you.

You can always return to the site, select Join> Renew> pay your fee.

Thanks for Joining the Artists Collective!

If you have questions, contact 

Carl Berney or Keasha Willingham.


Thanks for for participating in the Artists Collective


joining your favorite Artist Group(s) .

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