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Instructions for Participating in the
Artists Collective


In order to fund operating expenses, an annual Participation Fee is required from each member of every Artist Group. The fee to join the Collective and one Artist Group is $30. A fee of $20 is required for each additional Artist Group you may want to join.

We would like to have information from all of you-- if renewing, fill out the Artist Group Renewal below; if new, you'll go to the SignUp Form. Both of these will take you to the Payment options.

Renewing Members

If you are renewing your membership, you don't have to Sign Up again. But please do the Groups form here to verify or change your Group(s). --->>> And when you submit the form, it will automatically take you to online payment options.

New Members

First: Click Sign Up to enter your Contact Information 

Please fill in the boxes marked with *. These are: First and Last Names, email address, phone number,  mailing address,  and which Artist Group(s) you wish to join. While not required, please enter your Website URL if you have one. If you use a different name when entering exhibitions, please enter it in the Art Name Alias field.  We do not share any of this information.  Then select the payment option that matches your group(s) choice.

Click the SUBMIT button to add your Contact information to our database. This will take you to a payment page if you wish to complete the joining process.

Second: click on Pay Now (to pay via PayPal or Credit Card),
          OR-- follow the Pay by Mail instructions. 
          OR-- bookmark the page if you prefer to join later. 

Artist Group Renewal

Select the groups you wish to join

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